Glass Water Bottles

Glass Water Bottles by Lifefactory: 6th Day of Christmas

lifefactory glass water bottles
Post by Kristen
December 16, 2010

MightyNest will be celebrating "The 12 Days of Christmas" to help you find the best non-toxic gifts to give this year. Make sure to follow us over the next 6 days to see our picks and get a special discount. Read more...

Glass Water Bottles by Lifefactory, We Love Them!

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles
Post by chris
September 29, 2010

When everyone on the MightyNest team immediately buys a new product as soon as it comes in it is a great sign.  That is exactly what happened when we added the Lifefactory Glass Water BottlesRead more...

Glass Water Bottle, How I love Thee

glass beverage bottle
Post by Tracy
April 21, 2010

We just started carring glass water bottles by Lifefactory, and I bought one.  I admit, I was hesitant at first because 22 ounces seemed like a lot to be carrying around but I decided to Read more...

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