Eco-Challenge REBOOT

Post by dina
January 07, 2010

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Before the holidays my plan was to come back Jan 1 with a post about how far I’ve come and how thankful I am to my pals at MightyNest for pushing me to change. Ha! Should have known better than to think that far in advance. Read more...

Eco-challenge Time Out?

referee calling time out
Post by dina
November 03, 2009

What? The Freemans are taking a week off from the Eco-challenge? Are they going soft? No way!! Just want to take a quick breather and get ready for the next challenge which is going to be a doozy! Read more...

Eco-Challenge #3 Results: Saved by Silicone

getting rid of unsafe plastic
Post by dina
October 26, 2009

Three weeks down…and I’m still hangin’ in there. The good news is I’m 100% in the clear this week. No plastics were heated in any way, shape or form! Read more...

Eco-Challenge #1: Sneak attack at Old Navy!

Reusable bag from Old Navy
Post by dina
October 08, 2009

Today, in between dropping Biggy Boy off at pre-school and taking Little Man to music class, I stopped by Old Navy for my weekly visit. As I was getting ready to pay I looked up and - OH CRAP! - THE GIRL WAS PUTTING MY STUFF IN A PLASTIC BAG! NOOO! It's only Wednesday of the first challenge and I'm already breaking the rules. Am I really THAT weak?? Unacceptable. Read more...

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