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11.29.10 Make Cyber Monday Green Gift Monday!

Are you a store shopper?  An online shopper?  Most parents of young children find shopping online easier.  In fact, online shoppers spent almost 890 million dollars online last Cyber Monday.  That is a boatload of cash, and the Nature Conservancy (and many of us!) are hoping that this year more of that money will be spent on responsible, eco-friendly, and meaningful gifts.  That's why they've launched Green Gift Monday

I know it is easy to get swept up in holiday shopping mania.  I feel the pull every year, and particularly this year,  some of the gifts I've already purchased weren't as green as they could be.  I've got to do better. Read more...

11.18.10 Starting Family Traditions

Today it is 48 degrees. Every year I soak up the summer, savor the fall, and then dread the winter. And every year I think, "What can I do to enjoy the winter more with my family?"

Since we live in an urban area - long toboggan rides and cross country skiing are out (without traveling). I want some things that are smaller in scope and close to home, but that feel special. I've been thinking a lot about family traditions lately so I decided this would be my motivator to start some.  Growing up, we didn't have too many family traditions. Mainly just your basics, centered around holidays: nice family dinner on thanksgiving; family breakfast and staying in our pajamas all day on Christmas (except for my dad who had to shower AND shave before we could even go downstairs to open presents - which of course drove us crazy with anticipation). But I digress.

A couple ideas I have are:

11.16.10 Lead and Bacteria in Reusable Bags? What Now!

In the "what now!" department, the New York Times is reporting that lead has been found in some resusable bags.  Awesome!  I'll carry my organic produce in a bag containing lead, and bacteria from all the other times I used the bag and didn't wash it.  This might make one scream, I can't win!

But hold on.  Using cloth or nylon bags is way better for the environment:

Single-use paper and plastic bags cause environmental damage and use up 32% of landfill space because they can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Consider that the average American uses between 300 and 700 plastic bags per year with 100 billion plastic shopping bags consumed in the United States annually. Cutting single-use bag waste in half would reduce our oil consumption by more than 2,000 barrels a day and keep 73,000 tons of trash out of landfills.  Thanks to Two Knobby Tires for these stats.  Read more...

11.11.10 A Safe Start: The Healthy Baby Essentials Kit

It is getting so much easier to find safer products in recent years, thanks to retailers like MightyNest, and more information out there.  Check out this sweet new baby kit.  It's so nice to see this collection of safer products for baby, all in one easy kit.  

No running to different stores, or ordering separately from online shops and paying shipping.  If you want to get started with safer, non-toxic baby gear, or have a friend or family member who just had a baby, this kit makes a sweet and thoughtful gift. 

What's in the kit?

11.04.10 Avoiding Food Waste

This week on the New York Times Well blog, Tara Parker Hope wrote about how much food Americans waste. It got me thinking about how much money, energy, and landfill space is wasted when food is thrown away.

You know how it is-- eating with children unfortunately increases waste, massively. Their tastes change like the wind, and you never know when they will devour copious amounts of food (read: Mac and Cheese) or not (anything new). But this is a problem, especially in America, where it is estimated that 1/4 to 1/2 of all food produced in the USA is discarded. That is obsene! Read more...

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