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Baby Steps to Zen

05.18.10 Baby Steps to Zen

In my last post I vowed to start taking better care of myself. Promised to get back into yoga and hiking and take the boys for more walks.

Want the good news or bad news first? Bad news? Ok...

The bad news is I didn't meet my goal of doing yoga 4x week last week. I had the kids by myself and Jack was sick so I was only able to work in two sessions. But hey - that's two more than the week before right? The craziest part was that I was actually sore after 2 15-minute sessions! What is that? That's either a testament to the power of yoga or how ridiculously out of shape I am right now. Probably a little of both.

The good news? The good news is my goal of taking the kids for 4 walks was blown out of the water! I managed to sneak in 3 quick walks after work and then over the weekend we took a 2-mile cruise at this amazing park right on the Long Island Sound. The sun was out, the water was sparkly, the boys were happy and cooperative...it was a perfect afternoon. Just getting outside with my boys on a perfect spring day was enough to melt away some of my stress.

So this week I'm back at it and determined to carve out the time I need to do yoga - for my body and mind.  Peace, quiet and meditation sounds like a slice of heaven right now. Of course, the reality is more like phone ringing and the dog licking my face while I'm in a pose - but that's just going to have to do. Zen will be mine!

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