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BornFit? Yes. Stay fit? Just a wee bit more difficult.

05.27.10 BornFit? Yes. Stay fit? Just a wee bit more difficult.

I love it when the universe gives you a little nudge in the right direction.

As you know, for the last few weeks I've been trying to get motivated to work out and taking better care of myself. Well, out of the blue I was chosen to participate in a promotion called "The Motherhood of the Traveling Shirt" for BornFit, a company that makes active apparel for moms. This was that little extra goose I needed to remind me that running on empty is a lame strategy for enjoying life.

Right now, there are three shirts traveling all around the country, being worn by moms from all walks of life who have agreed to share their stories about trying to be a fit mom. 

In the words of BornFit, "We are all BornFit. And, sometimes a little kick start (or pixie dust) is needed to remind us of that special Mom within."

Follow the shirts and read inspirational stories from other moms on the Bornfit blog.

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