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Coming Soon...New and Improved Mommy!

05.05.10 Coming Soon...New and Improved Mommy!

Bedtime sucked tonight. After about 2 hours of tearing out my hair, Jack looked at me with his big puppy dog eyes and said, “Mommy – pwease don’t get so fwustwated with me.” He’s 2 ½.
The first time he said this to me a few months ago I died laughing. But tonight, when he said it for the hundredth time I had to fight back my tears. No two-year-old should every have to worry about his mom’s stress!  Not exactly the environment I wanted to create for my boys.
Then I remembered a chat I had with the MightyNest team a few weeks ago about what it takes to create a healthy home. We all agreed that while it’s important for parents stay informed and buy the safest products for their families…it’s imperative that they don’t forget to take care of themselves.
Right now, I know my poor eating habits (Thin Mints for dinner at midnight?), lack of exercise and minimal sleep are what’s making me grouchy and impatient. My body feels ragged and my brain feels fuzzy. It's so easy to just say I don't have time. Sure, that's a little true - but if I don't make time, I'll continue to feel icky. Yes, it's a word.
Clearly, it’s time to make some changes! (cue Rocky music)

So for the month of May, I’m challenging myself get back in shape mentally and physically. It’s time to take the boys on a hike, get back into yoga, start heading to bed on time (or early!) and cut back on the mochas and Girl Scout Cookies. Ok maybe not the Girl Scout Cookies…those are worth an extra Taebo session or two…but I can definitely make some better decisions when it comes to food.
Anyone have any good ideas on how to feel calm, active and feeling good on a very very tight schedule??? I'm all ears...

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