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Eco-Challenge #1: Sneak attack at Old Navy!

10.08.09 Eco-Challenge #1: Sneak attack at Old Navy!

Reusable bag from Old Navy

Today, in between dropping Biggy Boy off at pre-school and taking Little Man to music class, I stopped by Old Navy for my weekly visit. As I was getting ready to pay I looked up and - OH CRAP! - THE GIRL WAS PUTTING MY STUFF IN A PLASTIC BAG! NOOO! It's only Wednesday of the first challenge and I'm already breaking the rules. Am I really THAT weak?? Unacceptable. Just then, I spotted this sweet little Old Navy reusable bag right next to checkout. Whew! Nice to see retailers are on the ball.

Speaking of crap, I have a dilemma. I frequently use my little Target plastic bags to contain a really stinky diaper or my kitty litter scoopage. Obviously reusable bags won't work in this case. What should I do? Just dump straight in the garbage? A little tough with litter. But wait, do garbage bags count as plastic bags?

So confused. Can I get a ruling on garbage bags?? Anyone?

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