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Eco-Challenge #1: Success! (well, sort of)

10.12.09 Eco-Challenge #1: Success! (well, sort of)

Whole Foods Bag says Every plastic bag can take 1000 years to degrade

YAY!! I survived the first week of the MightyNest Eco-challenge!

I have to say, heading into the weekend I was feeling pretty confident. Then I quickly ran into Staples. When I got back to the car my husband looked at me with a smug little smile and said “Dude. You blew it.” Yep, I was holding a big fat plastic bag in my hand and I didn’t even realize it.   

 Fourth quarter fumble aside, I’m proud of my progress. Afterall, on a normal week my family will amass about 40 plastic bags. If the factoid on my Whole Foods Bag is correct, it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade. Yeah – 40 a week times 1000 years is a bad bad situation. So if I can just continue to contain our number of plastic bags per week, that’s a mighty impact.  

Here are a few things I learned this week….

Beware of the sneak attack: Remembering your reusable bags when you head to the grocery story or Target is easy. It’s the quick trips to retail stores or the drugstore that sneak up on you. For these, I’m thinking about keeping one of those small foldable reusable bags in my purse so I’m not caught off guard.

Trash is trash: Although garbage bags are plastic, no one is suggesting we dump those any time soon. Whew! However, if you can find the eco-friendly kind try them out. Can’t hurt, right? It’s a trash bag afterall.

Use it or lose it: If you already have a pile of plastic bags lying around, it’s ok to use them – and reuse them. They’re perfect for wet clothes, cleaning up after the pets or the occasional stinky diaper. I think the name of the game is limiting the amount you keep in circulation.

So...is this a change I can realistically incorporate into my daily life?

MightyNest Eco-challenge Reality Check Rating:  

          5 stars: SOLD! Where do I sign?  

        4 stars:  Love it. I think I can pull this one off.  

        3 stars: Not quite sure, but can’t wait to try.

        2 stars:  Probably not gonna happen.   

        1 star: I’ll pass.  

Check back tomorrow for next week's MightyNest Eco-challenge!

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