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Eco-challenge #10: Time for some new teethers!

12.15.09 Eco-challenge #10: Time for some new teethers!

In honor of MightyNest's "Soft & Sweet" week my challenge is all about finding my baby something a little healthier to chew on than this toy car!! (I swear we don't let him walk around like this!)

Eco-challenge #10: Research and swap out unsafe teethers with non-toxic alternatives

I'm thrilled about this challenge. Especially after finding out that some of Sam's favorite teethers contain lead and ARSENIC! Also found sentences like this one..."The liquid inside the teethers may contain pseudomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas putida which can cause serious illness in children if the teether is punctured and the liquid from the teether is ingested.” 

Ummm - what? I don't understand. These are things that are meant to go in the mouths of babies!! Why on earth would you put something in there that can cause serious illness?? Ugh.

The hunt is officially on! And it couldn't have come at a more perfect time...doc said his molars are coming in. Need to find something safe that he'll like just as much. Should be fun!

Any tips for healthy teething toys? Let me know!

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