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Eco-challenge #13: Baggie Ban

02.02.10 Eco-challenge #13: Baggie Ban

It's Monday...time to announce this week's eco-challenge..Eco-challenge #13: No plastic sandwich bags for one week. Ugh. I'm a plastic bagaholic. Snacks, candy, sandwiches, leftovers, jewelry, medicine, tools, nuts and bolts, smelly cat food, diapers and wipes, toiletries...destroyed pieces of my laptop keyboard courtesy of little Sammy. This is going to be tough - especially because I'm flying down to Nashville for the Blissdom conference on Friday. TRAVELING WITHOUT PLASTIC BAGS? Is that even legal? But I'm feeling motivated. Each and every one of those little baggies end up in the trash. Not good! Time to get it under control. I'm off...be back soon.

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