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Eco-challenge #14 - HuffPost's "The Week of Eating In" - JOIN US!

02.20.10 Eco-challenge #14 - HuffPost's "The Week of Eating In" - JOIN US!

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I don't cook. No, really. I don't. So, why on earth am I excited for this week's challenge? Because the entire MightyNest team is going to join me on this one! We have chefs and non-chefs  in our ranks - so this should be very interesting. Wanna join us??

Details, details...

Starting on February 22, Huffington Post is sponsoring "The Week of Eating In" Challenge.

From HuffPost: "For seven days, we'll invite you to take a pledge to eat in, aka COOK all of your own food for a week. There are no complex rules to follow. Just sign up below so that we can communicate with you, and pledge to do the week by letting your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know what you are up to."

If you're like me, you may be asking yourself - wait - WHY AM I DOING THIS?? Well, for one, cooking your own food is a money saver and probably a great way to eat much healthier. HuffPost also believes it is a fun "consciousness-raising activity" - or in other words, if you cook it, you'll probably be more aware of where it came from, which is a good thing.

So - are you in? To sign up, visit Huffpost, read more about the challenge and if you're in, take the pledge via Facebook or Twitter. Throughout the week, they'll be providing how-to's on everything from how to not waste food to great winter recipes so make sure you take the pledge so they know where to reach you. 

Also, don't forget to comment here on this MightyNest post so we know you're joining us. We'll also be be following up on our progress here on the blog and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed all week. I might even get Kristen to share a few recipes.

Come on...it will be fun.

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