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Eco-challenge #4: Pass or fail? You tell me...

10.31.09 Eco-challenge #4: Pass or fail? You tell me...

Sammy enjoying his milk in a Green to Grow plastic bottle from MightyNest.com

So, did I say I was going to master this challenge? What I meant was I was going to FAIL MISERABLY! Ugh.

This week's challenge is for me to swap all of my old Dr. Browns bottles with new glass and safe plastic bottles from Green to Grow and LifeFactory. So far, I've only used the new bottles 5 out of 15 times. Nice work, Freeman.

But wait - let me explain.

I actually did dump some of my old Dr. Browns bottles - the ones that contained BPA. So that's a victory in itself. Hooray for me!

But after I blew through my new bottles in the first day and a half (2 boys, 5 bottles - it doesn't add up) I realized that it would be pretty wasteful of me to ditch the safe Dr Browns bottles I already have in my stash, right? I checked them out and they are are completely FREE of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates so in my mind, not using them in the name of the challenge seems kind of silly.

That's not to say I wouldn't KILL to replace my whole collection with a combination of the Green to Grow and LifeFactory if I could. The Green to Grow plastic bottles are very convenient, lightweight and the little fruit people make me way happier than my boring Dr. Browns. As for glass, I'm loving the LifeFactory bottles with their funky silicone sleeves (am I obsessed with silicone or what?) that make them seem pretty solid and unbreakable. Not to mention the fact I look all hip carrying them around. :)

But at the end of the day, I'm here to talk about what's realistic. And replacing my entire collection isn't...even if it means COMPLETE CHALLENGE FAILURE. I can take it. I'm a big girl. My babies are still in a better place than they were last week and that's a good thing.

Be back on Sunday for the wrap-up. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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