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Eco-Challenge #5: Seriously Starbucks - Throw me a bone!

11.12.09 Eco-Challenge #5: Seriously Starbucks - Throw me a bone!

anger is contagious - starbucks cup

Grrrrrrrr. Just a warning that I’m super grouchy about this challenge. Regardless of the fact I am CONSTANTLY declaring my love for their brand in every public way possible, my friends over at Starbucks aren’t making this easy for me at all! Here are just a few of my challenges with this challenge....

Problem #1 – It just so happens that my good ol’ hometown Starbucks (where I answer to Norm) is closed for remodeling this week. Lovely. So on top of having to high-tail it across town, I’m now dealing with stranger-barista-attitude because as it turns out baristas are not so fond of the whole bring in your own reusable mug thing here where I live. Received more than a few eyerolls.

Problem #2 - A Venti coffee doesn’t fit in any reusable mug in the entire universe. This has forced me to downgrade to a grande (gasp!). Sure, my hips and my bank account thank you – but I’m feeling a little cheated…and yes, grouchy.

Problem #3 – Because my drink is a doozy, 99.9% of the time the barista still writes it on a paper cup, makes it in that cup, pours it in my reusable mug and then throws the paper cup away - even when I ask them not to! Ummm –SORTA DEFEATS THE PURPOSE! If you do a search (sorry…I don’t Google) on the term “starbucks paper cup” you’ll quickly learn I’m not the only one who is frustrated – and grouchy - about this.

Problems #4 – As my friend Meg pointed out in the comments of my last post, its near impossible to use a reusable mug in the drive-thru which is a godsend for anyone with two little ones in tow! I can assure you I'm not giving up the drive-thru, and I know Meg isn't either.

Problem #5 – THE RED CUPS ARE HERE!!! Some go holiday shopping. Others string lights on the house and listen to Christmas Carols to get in the holiday spirit. Starbucks addicts wait for the arrival of the red cups – which just happened to be this week in my area. Bah Humbug!

Ugh - I think I need a coffee. Off to wage another war - stainless steel mug in hand. Wish me luck.

Please send good Starbucks vibes to me as I finish out the week! More soon…

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