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Eco-challenge #6: Kicking off the official eating season!

11.17.09 Eco-challenge #6: Kicking off the official eating season!

peanut butter and apples

You’d think after all the coffee drama last week, MightyNest would take it easy on me. But noooooo…

MightyNest Eco-challenge #6 – Swap my favorite daily snack – peanut butter and apples - for organic versions

First my coffee and now my peanut butter? What - are they trying to make me a healthier person or something?? :) You see....I crave peanut butter and apples all the time. In fact, while pregnant I would often sit in my office on conference calls with the door shut eating peanut butter right out of the jar loong after the apples were gone. (for some of you, this explains why I was so quiet during those months. And you thought I was just listening intently…hahahaha) 

So - why pick on peanut butter and apples?

Well…I guess the peanut butter I’ve been enjoying since birth is so darn good because its loaded with corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated and/or fully hydrogenated fats, mono- and diglycerides, the pesticides ferric orthophosphate18 and copper sulfate19. Mmmmmm…sounds really yummy, right?  

And apples? Yup – bad too.  Non-organic apples are consistently in the USDA’s top-10 list of the most contaminated fruits.

Ok ok - i get the why but HOW ON EARTH am I going to stomach digging through nasty inch of oil at the top of all of those natural peanut butters?????!!!!!!!  Does anyone have any suggestions for non-icky peanut organic peanut butters??  Help me out by leaving them in the comments below or on Twitter @ecochallenged.

Back on Thursday with an update. Have a great week everyone!

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