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Eco-challenge #6 Results: How 'bout them apples?!

11.23.09 Eco-challenge #6 Results: How 'bout them apples?!

snow white eating poison apple

The organic apple part of this week's challenge was alot easier than the peanut butter portion. I tasted a few different kinds of apples and settled on some nice galas that taste every bit as good as my regular non-organic apples…and they’re not that much more expensive. Easy peasy. Done.
In fact, as I type I’m munching on my new and improved favorite snack – organic apples and Maranatha almond butter. Wasn’t so hot on the almond butter at first.  Mainly because I think I was expecting it to taste like peanut butter and – well – shockingly it tasted more like – umm - almonds. Funny how that works. But it's growing on me now. Great on apples and even better on a hot english muffin. YUM! (Ever heard of Wolferman’s? Not organic but man are they ever good!)

So – what now?  I can’t promise I’ll never eat regular peanut butter on a regular apple again, BUT I think it will be the exception instead of the rule. Here are a few things I learned this week: 

  • Apples are sinful – Apples aresome of the most toxic fruits out there. Who knew? On second thought, I guess we’ve known apples can cause a lot of trouble pretty much since the beginning of time.
  • Don’t trust the label! – I hear this all the time but I never pay attention. I figure if it’s something I want to eat then I’m going to eat it anyway. But in this case I was just taken aback by how Jif flat out lied on their Natural Peanut Butter label! (for more see this post) I’m no boycotter but I’m thinking that the next time I indulge in fattening smooth creamy peanut butter – I’ll ditch my Jif and skip on over to Skippy, Peter Pan or one of the others…
  • Just say no…stir! Organic does NOT have to equal oil!

THE RESULTS...Is this a change I can realistically incorporate into my daily life?
5 stars: SOLD! Where do I sign?
4 stars: Love it. I think I can pull this one off.
3 stars: Not quite sure, but can’t wait to try
2 stars: Sorry guys, probably not gonna happen.
1 star: Gonna take a pass on this one.

Back tomorrow with MightyNest Eco-challenge #7. Here’s a hint....it rhymes with splurkey.

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