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Eco-challenge #7: Green Gobble

11.24.09 Eco-challenge #7: Green Gobble

who you calling a turkey?

Last week, my friend Katy wrote about "greening" your Thanksgiving on MightyNest's Non-Toxic Nest blog. Well, I'm taking her up on the challenge!

Eco-challenge #7: Serve 100% organic and/or locally grown Thanksgiving dinner. Yes,  that means the bird, the sides AND the desserts. I can't vouch for anything that others bring though...that stuff is fair game.

For those of you who know me personally, just the fact I'm making a Thanksgiving dinner will crack you up. Let alone thinking of me trying to motivate the hubby and in-laws (old school grocery store owners) to go organic. I can hear the jokes now. I'm going to take the heat on this one for years to come. Unless...I could sneak out to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods under the radar and do all the shopping by myself.  Hmmmm...not a bad idea. "Honey - you just sit back, put your feet up and I'll take care of all the shopping for Thanksgiving." Ha - he'll know I'm up to something.

So, Why bother? First of all, supporting local farmers is always a good thing! Second, buying organic means reducing the amount of pesticides I'm lovingly heaping onto the plates of my family who are begging for seconds and thirds. (more laughter from my friends)

Oh well, we'll see how it goes. I plan to get an A for effort.

Have a great Turkey Day everyone! Back on Sunday to fill you in on how it went...

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