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Eco-challenge #8: Imagine the possibilities!

12.01.09 Eco-challenge #8: Imagine the possibilities!

This week's challenge is going to be a fun one! It's all about the MightyNest theme of the week - IMAGINE...

Eco-challenge #8 - Inspire creativity in the kids using toys from the Imaginary Play and Art and Music sections on MightyNest.
I knew this challenge was coming so I stocked up on a few fun things to get us started -- Eco-Fingerpaint and Eco-Dough from Eco-Kids, some very cool looking Natural Soy Crayons from Clementine Art and one of those cool cardboard airplanes from cardboardesign.
I'll admit that I'm more than a little scared to hand over fingerpaints to my 25 mo and 13 mo old VERY RAMBUNCTIOUS boys! Afterall, the little one still thinks of crayons as a yummy snack. Nevertheless, I'm off to stock up on smocks, tarps, hazmat suit - whatever it takes to nurture their inner artists. Wish me luck!
Don't forget...all toys in MightyNest's IMAGINARY PLAY and ART AND MUSIC sections are 10% off until Saturday December 5! Use coupon code IMAGINE10.

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