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Eco-Challenge REBOOT

01.07.10 Eco-Challenge REBOOT

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Before the holidays my plan was to come back Jan 1 with a post about how far I’ve come and how thankful I am to my pals at MightyNest for pushing me to change. Ha! Should have known better than to think that far in advance.

On Christmas day as I was sipping my Starbucks out of a paper cup and eating a yummy peanut butter cookie made from Creamy Jif, I suddenly realized I was surrounded by tons of plastic battery-operated toys and my pantry was bursting with plastic bags. There were disposable plastic water bottles everywhere throughout the house, especially upstairs in the bedrooms where I counted 13! Our garbage can was filled with boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons because the recycling bin was full. And our poor overworked dishwasher was packed to the hilt with plastic kid dishes. When I looked around and took it all in – I nearly cried. What happened?!

As any of my friends would tell you, I’m a little bit of a chaos magnet. My MO is to take on too much and then when I realize I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I take on more. Between working for multiple clients, taking care of my boys, keeping up with all of my blogs, spending hours playing around on TinyPrints/Shutterfly/Snapfish with family photos (my one remaining hobby), managing the family finances, and wasting FAR TOO MUCH TIME wrestling my very bad dog for everything from full loaves of bread to the cardboard airplane that my Jack loved so dearly (RIP Mr. Planey) ….there’s just a certain amount of chaos that I’m sad to say seems normal. Luckily I have lots  of energy but the problem is…as many of you probably just experienced…when you’re already at capacity, things like the holidays tend to throw you over the edge and it becomes about survival…not improvement.

This year, I spent the weeks leading up to the holidays taking care of sick kids, sick husband and sick ME instead of shopping and finishing loose ends at work. Unfortunately, due to some ill-timed announcements and events (whoever chose the dates for CES is truly evil!)  I also had to work far far FAR more than I had anticipated leaving me pretty fried. So while I was struggling to spend quality time with the kids AND keep my head above water, the reusable bags were left at home, the dishwasher was full of plastics, my Klean Kanteen remained in the sink and the shopping cart was filled with whatever toys my little boys begged for with their sweet little puppy dog eyes. Weak…but reality. 

SO…what now? Quit? HA! Yeah right. Getting back on the horse, of course. That’s what New Years is all about for me – having epiphanies and rebooting. Letting it all go and starting over is the only thing short of a week-long spa trip (La Quinta – how I miss you!) that will refresh my mind and spirit.

That’s why right now I’m working on my Eco-challenged New Year’s resolutions which I’ll share with you on Sunday before jumping back into the challenges on Monday.

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for good Eco-challenges, leave them here in the comments. We’re all ears!

Thanks for reading and here’s to a happy and healthy 2010!

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