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Fabric Coffee Sleeves - A (very fun) step in the right direction

01.22.10 Fabric Coffee Sleeves - A (very fun) step in the right direction

I’ve been dying to tell you all about my latest find...FABRIC COFFEE SLEEVES!

I know in an ideal world my friends at MightyNest would prefer I use a reusable mug but as some of you may remember, the coffee eco-challenge was clearly not my best performance. Since the chances of me using a paper cup are still QUITE HIGH (sorry) I decided to check out some cute fabric coffee sleeves so at least I was doing something to reduce my trash and my guilty conscience. There’s nothing like coffee and fabric to put a smile on my face…and light a fire under me.

On top of making me feel all cute and girly when I use them, I like them because they're functional and easy to remember. I just throw them in my purse so they're always with me. There were tons to choose from but naturally, I found the best stuff on the fabulous handmade paradise etsy.com. Here are some of my faves...

  • Café Boulet – in addition to lots of great girly fabrics, they also offer a few college logo prints and a personalized option where you can choose your own image (really great customer service too)
  • Pink Gasoline –  liked the fabric choices here a lot – warning though - there’s a lot more in this store to get caught up in. Like this this cool tea wallet thingy that keeps your tea bags from getting lost in your purse. What a unique gift for someone who can’t live without their tea!
  • PosyLane - THE TRIFECTA! Coffee + fabric + a monogram! NICE!

OR if you’re the crafty type with fabrics you already love – you can make your own using this pattern.

Oh...and for those of you who are wondering…the sleeve in the photo is from an etsy store called Honey Pie Sundry Goods. I just found it so I haven’t ordered yet but I will. It’s so very MightyNesty, don’t you think?

Does anyone else out there have a favorite place to get coffee sleeves? Let me know!

p.s. MightyNest Chris – I know you’re a good reusable mug citizen but I found the perfect sleeve for you! Just say the word and it’s yours. :)

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