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Spring Cleaning Series: 12 loads down - 8 to go.

03.30.10 Spring Cleaning Series: 12 loads down - 8 to go.

When the power went off I was sorting laundry on the floor of the basement. When we packed everything up to head over to my parents house, I didn’t even think to pick the clothes up off the floor in the likely case that the basement would flood. Rookie mistake.

Next thing I know its two weeks later and I'm staring down 20 (yes 20!) loads of the nastiest, smelliest laundry I’ve ever seen - and smelled - in my life.  To make matters worse, our dryer was also damaged in the flood, meaning I couldn't just hunker down and lock myself in for the weekend. I had to go to the laundromat, which was about as fun as it was 10 years ago before I owned my own machine.

Hauling the stuff there was pure hell - BUT once everything was moving there were two things that made my time actually enjoyable. 1) I'm all caught up on Us Magazine (did you know Kate Winslet is splitting from her hubby? Didn't expect that one.) and 2) I was able to test out some of cleaning products I received from the fine folks EcostoreUSA last week, just in time! 

EcostoreUSA is a non-toxic and eco-friendly consumer products company founded in New Zealand in 1993 by longtime organic gardener and environmental pioneer Malcolm Rands. Now they sell more than 100  products from baby lotion to dishwashing rinse aid to pet ear wash, each one meeting the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. And I can tell you from experience, the products are fantastic.

I started with their Laundry Liquid which uses a 100% certified organic Eucalyptus oil and plant-based ingredients. The best part about this product is that – well - it worked, even on the worst laundry ever. Seriously, some of my laundry had been sitting there for 10 days and was still wet with icky flood water. It smelled so bad I was having to breathe through my mouth while sorting it. This laundry soap cut through all of it AND it came out smelling like a day at the spa. I was shocked. I really thought I was going to have to wash some stuff twice.

The only question I have is how long will the soap last? It’s highly concentrated but the bottle is a little smaller and a little more expensive ($11 for 33.8 fl oz) than my normal laundry soap. Then again, I just did more than a dozen loads of laundry and it didn’t even make a dent in the bottle, which is a great sign. Feeling encouraged ...

Overall, I give this product a big thumbs up. Definitely worth trying. They also sell powder laundry soap for front and top loaders, a bleach alternative and wool wash which I’m going to try out next winter. Would love to cut down our dry cleaning bill.

You can buy EcoStore products online or in-store at Duane Read (NYC) or Meijer (Midwest)- aka my first love. Oh how I miss those Thrifty Acres. Sigh.

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