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Spring Cleaning Series: Mother Nature, it’s been fun - now let’s get on with it.

03.23.10 Spring Cleaning Series: Mother Nature, it’s been fun - now let’s get on with it.

It’s been impossible to post the last few weeks while things were spinning a little bit more than usual. The entire family (both boys, me, my husband, my mom and dad and my 83 year old grandma who lives with them) got a violent stomach bug all at the same time. That’s usually enough to send things into a tizzy – but mother nature thought it would super funny to throw in a huge storm, 5 day power outage (have you ever thrown up in the dark with a toddler clinging to you?) and a basement that flooded not once, not twice but three times in the span of two days. Among many other things including a full bedroom set, I lost hundreds of childhood photos, piles of my prized elementary school stories, all of my craft supplies and sadly, my wedding dress – which was water damaged. Sigh.

The only silver lining of this whole thing is, as if to apologize, she brought SPRING (my favorite time of year) a little early to the east coast. Four 70 degree days in a row!

I ALMOST forgive her. ALMOST.

With all that gross water, mud, mold and mildew – you can only imagine what my house smells like right now. SO IT’S TIME FOR SOME SPRING CLEANING. And given that my cleaning collection is probably the most toxic group of products around, it’s time for a cleaning makeover.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to be testing out many different brands of non-toxic cleaners and letting you know which ones are/aren’t up to snuff. I might even challenge myself to make a few cleaners of my own, which should really freak my husband out. I’ll also share my adventures of putting my basement back together and learning how to rebuild, restore and repack in safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly ways – whenever possible. Of course, trying to keep things realistic.

Despite my basement dilemma, I’m a bit giddy about this one and can’t wait to get started.

Would love your suggestions. What non-toxic cleaners have you tried and liked? Hated? Something you can’t live without? Direct me! Show me the way.

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