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Target gift cards for old electronics? NICE!

01.27.10 Target gift cards for old electronics? NICE!

image from target email about electronics recycling program

As I mentioned in my recent post about recycling, there are a lot of charities that take old electronics even if they don't work. But what if they DO still have a little life in them but you're ready for an upgrade? 

Just got an email from the happiest place on earth (No, not Disney - TARGET! - duh) announcing they are partnering with a company called Nextworth to provide an electronics recycling program. You can visit the Nextworth site (via a link on Target) and enter info about what you want to recycle into their calculator. After answering a few questions about the condition of the gadget, the calculator spits out a dollar amount. Once Nextworth receives your gadget, they'll send you that dollar amount in Target gift cards!

Just for reference, I entered in my ancient ipod with an almost dead battery and my old Flip which is on its last leg and my values were $50 and $85! So we're talking some real cash here. Who doesn't need a little extra Target money these days?

Of course, I won't be able to sleep tonight without reiterating that if its a phone you're looking to upgrade, donating is still the nicest way to pay it forward. Sometimes it's hard for us to imagine, but in many areas of the world, a phone can save a life. Read more here at Hopephones.org.

Happy recycling!


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