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Flu Season – Watch Out For Indoor Air Pollution

10.23.09 Flu Season – Watch Out For Indoor Air Pollution

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she mentioned that 13 out of 30 children in her daughter’s class were out sick with the flu. I’m starting to see that here too. Well, maybe not to the same extent, but there certainly have been a fair number of children missing class in our part of the world.

When I start to worry about flu, I think about what contributes to it. Experts tell us the best way to avoid flu bugs is to wash and wash and wash your hands. That certainly is true. But part of the reason we have this seasonal outbreak of colds and flu is just that we spend so much time indoors.

This is of course exposes us to all those bugs that aren’t swept away by the breeze. Indoor air pollution, including dander, molds and of course bacteria is captive in most homes and public buildings. So, I’ve started looking at air filters, like this one from Austin Air.

Air filters are wonderful for people with allergies and are great during those months when we all spend so much time indoors. A body fighting off an allergy attack has fewer resources to fight off the flu. For babies, with not yet fully developed immune systems, they can be the difference between a sniffly versus a healthy winter.

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