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Halloween Horrors – There are More Than you Think!

10.01.09 Halloween Horrors – There are More Than you Think!

It was a lovely evening last night. The neighbors were out enjoying the autumn cool. The kids were running around in the twilight, when, my son suddenly ran up to me and smiled.

Bright pink, plastic vampire teeth gleamed at me from his grin.

My first thought:

Oh how cute? – Nope.

He’s getting big now? Nope.

I bet those things are made in China - I wonder if they are full of phthalates ? - Yes!!!

I actually have no idea if these teeth are dangerous. But, ever since the first major round of toys recalls were announced I’ve been waiting for more shoes to drop. And they have. If you subscribe to the The Consumer Product Safety Commission email alert, you know what I’m talking about- I get a new recall at least once a week. It’s scary, I never knew so many children’s products were recalled!

It was only a matter of time before someone started looking at, what might be called toys but, what we parents, drowning in them, often to refer to as, trinkets, tchotchkes or…junk. You know those little toys one purchases at the dollar store. The ones that appear in birthday party treat bags; are found at the check stand in grocery, drug and discount stores; and litter your house from attic to basement.

Of course they are all made in China. Where else could one make those cheap, little things efficiently? Of course they are below the radar of The Consumer Product Safety Commission . They are made and imported by hundreds of tiny companies or small divisions of big ones.

Many of these recalls concern lead content. But, I don’t think the story ends here. “Take that out of your mouth” a long time parental favorite has gained even greater significance these days.

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