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How To Make A Waste Free School Lunch – I Think I’ve Almost Got It!

10.13.09 How To Make A Waste Free School Lunch – I Think I’ve Almost Got It!

I’ve been working the last year or so, at the behest of my son…who going forward shall be known as “eco kid”, to make his lunch waste-free. It’s not until you start trying that you realize how difficult that can be.

First I had to eschew any pre-wrapped snacks. That includes, unfortunately our favorite organic fruit leathers, granola bars, individual pretzel packs and even baby carrot packages. All of those things are now bought in bulk, with the exception of the fruit leather and granola bars – that I think I will have to try and make those myself one of these days.

Next to go was the omnipresent plastic sandwich and snack bags. I simply stopped buying them and started using old yogurt containers and peanut butter jars. This has its drawbacks. Rarely do they fit into a standard lunchbox.

Fortunately a whole new series of roomy lunch sacks, designed to fit odd sized containers are finally on the market. Some even include reusable containers of appropriate size.

One of my favorite discoveries though has been the reusable sandwich wrap, which has a certain old fashioned flair, as do the cloth napkins with which I’ve replaced the throw-away paper kind.

With my son’s reusable water bottle, I feel like I’ve finally made the grade. Everything that is not actually eaten can now be washed – minus the uneaten food of course, which like moms across the ages, I helpfully finish for him at the end of the day!

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