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Waiting For The Flu

11.03.09 Waiting For The Flu

Now that the first of the “Big Three” holidays is over, it seems everyone is back to talking about the coming flu season. (There seemed to be a short break there, while we concentrated on getting our kids costumed up and out to collect a lot of unhealthy treats.)   

Yes, I did solve my issue with what to give out for Halloween. I hate to say it but I punted and gave out the balance of the “cheap toys made in China” that I had left over from last year and individually packaged Rice Krispy treats. I’m working on improving next year!  

Now I’m back on the fence worrying about the next thing – the H1N1 flu which has already started to seep into our local schools. No, we haven’t received the vaccine, but part of that is because my pediatrician has yet to get his supply. I haven’t yet decided what to do, but will keep you posted.  

In the meantime, I’m stocking up on homeopathic cough and cold medicines, nasal irrigation supplies, natural hand sanitizer and tissues. I’ve invested in cloth hankies too, but some days it’s all you can do to keep a supply of material in stock to catch the runny “run-off”! 

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