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What’s a Green Mom To Do for Halloween?

10.27.09 What’s a Green Mom To Do for Halloween?

I’m in my usual quandary this year as to what to give out to the hordes of trick-or-treaters that will appear at my door this Saturday. Growing up in the house of “my dad the dentist,” we never gave out candy, rather we distributed apples…which turned out to be a somewhat less popular choice as the urban myth of “razors stuck in apples” and given to kids took hold.

As an adult though, I’ve avoided giving out both candy and apples and instead have offered tiny toys – chalk, puzzles, rings…in other words a bunch of crappy “made in China" trinkets.

I’m rethinking that this Halloween. Is it really green to give out a bunch of junky toys? It certainly isn’t healthy to give out candy (yes, yes, I could give out organic but it is both expensive and still full of sugar).

So what are the alternatives? Individually packaged bags of pretzels? Wasteful – all that extra wrapping. How about small oranges, my husband recommends. Is there an urban myth about oranges and razor blades?

I could hand out sea shells or colorful rocks, which I know my crunchy kid visitors would love, but they are expensive too. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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