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Klean Kanteen (oh so much better than BPA containing Sigg bottles!)

09.01.09 Klean Kanteen (oh so much better than BPA containing Sigg bottles!)

klean kanteen

Klean Kanteen has had it together long before many of us were paying attention to BPA (bisphenol A)--you know, the endocrine mimicking chemical in plastics that leeches into water and food. Numerous health problems have been linked to even low level BPA exposure, such as heart disease, obesity, multiple forms of cancer, reproductive system development problems, interference with chemotherapy, to name a few.

By making stainless steel water bottles (with regular and sippy cup tops), Klean Kanteen avoided any problem with plastics, or with aluminum bottles now known to contain BPA (like Sigg water bottles). With Klean Kanteen’s bottles, you don’t have to worry about what lining is used. Or what other chemicals in the plastic are lurking. They are simple and straightforward. And thankfully, they come in many different sizes and with different spouts for the drinker. The smallest, with the sippy cup top, is perfect for toddler hands, and comes in a variety of cheery kid friendly colors.

This is one simple way to limit the exposure of BPA for your little ones. And these bottles will last and be safe for a long, long time. I know many a former Sigg fan who is switching to Klean Kanteen (myself included). I only wish I had been using them with my family all along!

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