Dina is a working mother who lives in Connecticut with her husband and two little boys, Jack (2) and Sam (1). Her PR career includes stops at Disney, Yahoo and Babycenter. Although nothing is more important than caring for her family, she is admittedly “eco-challenged.” In an effort to try to create a healthy and safe home for her family, she has committed to take part in the weekly MightyNest Eco-challenge. Follow along as Dina, like so many of us, tries to create a MightyNest!

Career: After spending more than ten years in marketing and public relations at Disney and Yahoo, I ventured out on my own as an independent PR and Social Media consultant. Currently, my clients include leading parenting Web site BabyCenter and a little site we call MightyNest.

Craving: Starbucks venti-2pump-wholemilk-extrahot-nowhip-mocha, egg and cheese on a roll, nutty donuts, pb&j and loads of fresh pineapple and strawberries with vanilla yogurt

Last Summer: Blur of pregnancy and humidity. The Summer before that: Blur of pregnancy and humidity. This Summer: Enjoying not being pregnant! But still hating the humidity.

Personal Style: Cargo pants, tissue tees, tank tops & flip flops

Fave Mommy celeb: Ahh, an easy one. This is like Dina 101 for my friends. Jennifer Garner...hands down.

Manifesto: Try to have a sense of humor and don't be easily offended. I promise it’s much more fun.

Online shopping spots: Etsy, Jcrew’s Crewcuts (I’m obsessed!), Coolmompicks, Flyingpeas, Pbkids

"Green" must-have: Fun, cute, re-usable bags. Love the ones from Whole Foods.

Guilty pleasure: People Magazine and Regular soda…No, not diet. Yes, with real sugar.

Last meal you cooked: Cheerios

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