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Miller Goodman Wooden Shape Maker

12.20.10 Miller Goodman Wooden Shape Maker

Miller Goodman Wooden Shape Maker

MightyNest will be celebrating "The 12 Days of Christmas" to help you find the best non-toxic gifts to give this year. Only 2 days left to see our picks and get a special discount.

On the 10th Day of Christmas we thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Miller Goodman's ShapeMaker...

Looking for something fun to play with, but also aesthetically appealing? The ShapeMaker doubles as both. It is one of the coolest and creative set of blocks we have seen in a long time! The ShapeMaker is a set of 25 colorful, geometric design, hand printed, beautifully crafted, environmentally friendly hardwood blocks made of rubber wood - a replenishable wood and non-toxic water based paints. With these wood blocks there are thousands of geometric possibilities. Kids will never tire of ways to configure these colorful blocks while creating countless images. This is a one-of-a-kind set of blocks and something that can be passed down for generations.  Meets non toxic certification by the strict European EN-71 standard.

Winner of a gold award at the 2009 Practical Pre-School awards. The blocks can be excitingly arranged to create a menagerie of thousands of surprising creatures and tons of sparkling, imaginative, engaging images that guarantee to delight children of all ages. The blocks perfectly illustrate millergoodman’s commitment to combine function with the highest design principles. 

ShapeMaker, $75. To view Miller Goodman's Playshapes, click here

Save 10% on the Miller Goodman Wooden Shape Maker today only (12/20)  by using coupon code: CHRISTMAS10  coupon expires 12/20/10 at 11:59pm CST

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