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5 Best Products for your Changing Table

01.26.11 5 Best Products for your Changing Table

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With so many products out there it can be difficult, not to mention overwhelming, deciding which products you actually need.  I know that I personally got confused (often) when buying stuff for my daughter.  I mean, not only are there thousands of types of products you need but there are thousands of variations of that one product.  One way that I "cope" (or at least try to) is by focusing on small areas/needs at a time such as teething toys, pacifiers, tummy time, etc and do the research/buying from there.

One the the areas I did this for was my daughter's changing area.  Below are the 5 products that I use routinely and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Organic Cotton Changing Pad Cover - I have to admit that this seemed a bit extravagant to me at first because really, its just for changing dirty diapers.  However, I'm so glad I did buy it because my baby's early days of tummy time took place on this very changing pad cover.  I didn't have to worry when she smushed her little face into in protest :)

Badger Organic Baby Balm - great for all over use, not just for the diaper area.  No matter how good I think I do at trimming her nails she always manages to scratch herself and this balm is great for healing.

Earth Mama Angel Natural Baby Lotion - this is an awesome product to moisturize baby's delicate skin and has worked wonderfully for this winter. I have been in the routine of lathering this on after her bath.

Cleanwell Foaming Hand Sanitizer - great because you only need one hand to use the foaming pump (very helpful when you have a baby who loves practicing her new skill of rolling over).  Perfect for a quick cleaning of the hands before picking up your baby.

Organic cotton washcloths - great for quick wipes-ups when you don't have time or energy for a full bath. Especially helpful because the target areas for quick "baths" are usually my baby's hands, face and neck. These washcloths are incredibly soft and light, so they don't rub skin in an aggressive way, just enough to clean gently.

Are there products on your changing table that you couldn't live without?

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