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All Natural Beeswax Candle: 3rd Day of Christmas

12.13.10 All Natural Beeswax Candle: 3rd Day of Christmas

tru melange candle

MightyNest will be celebrating "The 12 Days of Christmas" to help you find the best non-toxic gifts to give this year. Make sure to follow us over the next 9 days to see our picks and get a special discount.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, we filled the room with beautiful aromas...

The Tru Melange Autumn Leaves Candle is the perfect gift for any adult. Not only will you have a beautiful scent throughout the room, but you can also repurpose the beautiful glass and be able to rest easy knowing you are breathing in a non-petroleum candle, which is good for you and our planet. These handmade candles, which are made in the USA, double as a a pretty drinking glass or decorative container after the candle has burned out. The candle comes in 3 beautiful aromas, all with a distinct design on the tumbler. They are made with a blend of pure beeswax and non-gmo soy, un-dyed wax, cotton wicks and 100% pure essential oils. The candles are all chemical free and have all lead-free cotton wicks. 

Did you know?  Most candles are made from paraffin.  When burned, fumes have been found to cause tumors in lab animals.  Also the wicks can often contain lead which can be emitted during burning. Additionally candles using synthetic fragrances contain numerous toxic chemicals.  Breathe easy knowing you are burning a naturally scented, non-petroleum candle.

Available in 3 beautiful aromas, reg price $17


  • Enchant (purple design) with pure essential oils of french & bulgarian lavender
  • Joy (orange design) with pure essential oils of spearmint & eucalyptus
  • Inspire (blue/green design) with pure essential oils of cassia & vanilla


Save 10% on all scents of the autumn leaves candle today (12/13) only by using coupon code: CHRISTMAS3

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