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Art Lesson for Kids: Natural Beeswax Block Rubbings

01.16.11 Art Lesson for Kids: Natural Beeswax Block Rubbings

Beeswax Rubbing

Kids love exploring texture. Whether using clay or paint or beeswax block crayons, there is a fascination with simulating texture. Here is an easy and quick exercise for investigating texture at home. Natural Beeswax block crayons are ideal to use because of the versatility of the block shape and the peace of mind knowing they are free of chemicals. You can really apply pressure on multiple sides, knowing that the block won't break like a conventional crayon. Start with a drawing using either pencil or felt-tip on paper of medium weight (not too thin for it to rip, but not too thick so the rubbing won't show through).

  • Draw an image that is simple with large open shapes like a bowl or a window or the beach.
  • Find 3 or more interesting textures in your home (we used the caning from a credenza, a dotted bulletin board and a lampshade).
  • Holding the paper steady on top of chosen texture, rub the block crayon (easiest with the wide section) using long strokes rather than back and forth until the transfer is revealed.
  • Try using contrasting colors and textures or vary the textures and use the same color. 

The use of combined texture in drawings (rough surfaces tend to be more visually active and smooth surfaces can be visually quiet) bring a sense of style to a design.

Happy Drawing!

What other fun ideas do you have for playing with the kids this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


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