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Art Lesson: Geometric Flowers

01.22.11 Art Lesson: Geometric Flowers

Learning how to use a new tool is always satisfying - especially when the tool opens up new possibilities. Discover how much fun using a compass can be! Compass drawings are often instantly gratifying for kids and tend to lure them into further exploration (will surely come in handy during future math classes!). This basic lesson examines how repeated circles, intersecting arcs and the use of color can create intricate maximal (and minimal) designs.

  • Start with drawing some practice circles using a compass on medium weight paper, until comfortable drawing an accurate circle.
  • On a clean piece of paper, draw one large circle (make sure it fits within the page).
  • Place the metal point of the compass at the bottom line of the circle (6 o'clock) and the pencil point on the circle line mark (approx. between 7+8 o'clock). Draw and arc from point A to B staying inside the circle and ending the arc (approx. between 4+5 o'clock).
  • Pick up your compass and place the metal point on the starting point of the arc and draw another arc. (Note: make sure to keep your compass secured at the same size opening so that each arc is the same size).
  • Repeat these steps until you have completed the circle producing a flower.
  • Using either Natural colored pencils or Beeswax crayons, design and create a color pattern within the drawing (and around if you'd like!).
  • Try reducing the size of the compass opening and repeating the circles until you've filled the page. Once the pattern begins to emerge, you'll see new possibilities for designs and the use of color.

ENJOY! Add your own ideas for compass drawings in the comments below.

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