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Austin Air Filter Anyone?

02.26.10 Austin Air Filter Anyone?

Austin Air Pet Machine

On December 22nd I was just over 6 weeks pregnant.  So what was on my mind then?  The air quality in my house, of course! 

That night as I was lying in bed willing myself not to get sick (it didn’t work) I decided that it was time to buy an Austin Air filter.  I had actually decided this back when I first added the products to the site but never got around to it (translation - I procrastinated). 

I already knew this was the right decision after reading about indoor air quality on our site and had even picked out the air filter to buy.  I just didn’t have that extra motivation to take the plunge…until now

So, about a week later our brand new silver Pet Machine Air Purifier arrived.  We have a dog so I figured this was the best option for us – not only will it clean the air in our house of toxic gases and odors but it will also remove pet dander from the air.  The end result is that the air in my house is clean, my house smells better and my friends with dog allergies will be very thankful the next time they stop by! 

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