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Finally, its time to share some big news!

02.19.10 Finally, its time to share some big news!

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As you can imagine, during the last few months Kristen, Chris and I have spent a lot of time discussing products and product categories that we’d like to sell at MightyNest. Not having kids yet (and therefore not being subjects I normally discuss) it took me awhile to get used to saying the word nipple at work and spending so much time talking about breast feeding, breast milk storage, breast pads, nursing tank tops, hooter hiders, nipple butter…I think you get the point.

But, thankfully I got over it! And now, the tables are about to turn because I’m happy to announce that I’M PREGNANT (almost 15 weeks)! Now I’ll be the one bringing up all of the products that I’m going to need! Let’s see if I can convince Kristen to be my personal shopper - after all, she’s done such a great job of hand picking everything we sell to date and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding non-toxic and safe products. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out…

In the meantime, watch for future blog posts as I share some stories from the last 15 weeks and the coming months.

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