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Getting Plastics out of the Kitchen

01.10.11 Getting Plastics out of the Kitchen

glass straw and glass tumbler

Happy New Year! We had lots of great ideas for new year's resolutions from our facebook friends. From spending more time outside to growing a vegetable garden to limiting use of plastic. Even hula hooping!

Sticking to resolutions can be challenging (at least for me!) and it can be easier to stay on course if you talk to people about it and have some support. So we thought we'd pick a few resolutions and try to get some folks to commit to doing them together by turning it into a little challenge. Feel free to throw out some other ideas for challenges too!

1st up: Reducing or eliminating plastic from your kitchen.  Feel too intimidating? - start small: pick 1 thing to get rid of (a sippy cup, a travel mug) and use a safer alternative (namely glass or stainless steel). Looking for more of a challenge? Go through that cupboard full of old tupperware containers and trade them out for safer storage options. A good place to start would be with any plastics labeled 3, 6 or 7* or plastics that are badly worn, scratched or discolored. These are most likely leaching chemicals into food or beverages. (please note: #7 plastics are a catch-all categorization that includes BPA containing polycarbonate and safer corn based plastics. So unless you know it to be a newer bio plastic it most likely contains BPA.)

What about BPA-Free plastics you say?  Well, while they are definitely a safer option that plastic containing BPA, they can still contain chemicals that could leach out with lots of use.  So where possible opt for non-leaching materials like glass, 304 grade stainless steel and high grade silicone.

Get involved (and win!):  THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER - EMILY!   Join together on this challenge - Leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you plan to participate in this challenge and be elligble to win a $50 gift card (that you could use to help purchase some safer alternatives to plastic!).  For additional entries you can leave comments on this blog post or our facebook page letting us know how it's going.  The challenge will run for a week - Monday 1/10 through 1/17.  If you're trying to make changes and need some help, we're here.  Feel free to give us a call 847-905-0567.  Are you up for the challenge?

For more information about plastics, you can read our Guide to Plastics here.

By the way, (since several people asked) that is a photo of my son drinking a smoothie using a Glass Dharma glass straw and Duralex glass tumbler.

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