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Grandma Goes Green

12.13.10 Grandma Goes Green

This is a guest post by Lynn Bohnengel, a mighty grandma we love!

Grandparents can be a tough group to train!  Most of us raised our children without fussing over additives & preservatives in their food or researching the materials used in their toys, so we can be a bit skeptical about the importance of protecting our grandchildren from the "evil toxins" in the environment. While we may have known not to let our little darlings play with dry-cleaning bags, we didn't think too much about the safety of teething rings or the paint used in playthings.

WELL, grandparents need to know that it is a very different world for their grandchildren! Everyday products contain chemicals that didn't exist a generation ago, and there aren't safety standards for all the imported goodies we now have in our homes and of even greater concern, in our nurseries. I've seen the light (thanks to an in-depth education from my children-who-are-now-parents) and I hope to spread the word to other "grammies & papas" so they can appreciate the value of safe children's products and make their gift selections accordingly.  

Ahhh, the holiday season is approaching...as a green grandmother, I am staying away from "Toxic Toyland" and searching for safe and entertaining children's gifts that will last past January and be enjoyed for years to come. MightyNest offers a wonderful selection of toys that meet my requirements...Starting with the littlest ones, the Natural Wood Fish Rattle and the Organic Cotton Monkey are "must haves" - something to hold, something to hug. Babies have simple needs, and being that everything ends up being shoved in those sweet mouths, toys must be absolutely pure and safe.

For the toddler set, toys offering more activity and a chance to practice new skills are in order... I like the small Nesting Bowls and the Cone Sorting Toy. Both are made from chemical-free wood products, using water based paint/dye and NO formaldehyde glue. Sorting and stacking has never been so stress free...

As for the last group, pre-elementary schoolers, (before the battery-powered mania starts), I prefer gifts that encourage creativity. The Element Blocks Set is ideal, AND they don't look hideous on your coffee table or make noise in the middle of the night.  We grandparents are concerned about these things!  My grandson loves things that go, go, go and the Bamboo E-plane makes for a safe and fun toy.

Save 10% on all of grandma's picks now through Wednesday, December 15th while supplies last. Use code GREENGRANDMA at checkout.

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