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Green Living Festival

10.05.09 Green Living Festival

On Saturday our family enjoyed a brisk yet sunny fall day at the Evanston Green Living Festival. The festival, which took place at our local ecology center, featured about 50 local green businesses and organizations ranging from organic lawn care, non-toxic cleaning products, healthy baby items, organic food cooperatives, bicycles, automobile sharing, electric cars, and much more.
Highlights for our family included the fabulous eco-musical entitled Parker in the Park - an interactive musical show designed to entertain while informing children about conserving energy, exploring nature and protecting our environment (our daughter actually cried when it was over, because she wanted it to keep going!); making twig books with local author, Tim Magner, whose environmentally themed books are published by Green Sugar Press; checking out the turtles who live at the Evanston Ecology Center; and a family bike ride courtesy of local pedicab, Roger Rickshaw. We had to get home for naptime, and were bummed to miss the discussion “Live Green, Save Green,” by Chicago green parenting expert, The Green Mama. All in all, a very inspiring day.

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