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Happy Holidays from MightyNest!

12.23.10 Happy Holidays from MightyNest!

Happy holidays from the MightyNest team! Wishing you and your family health and happiness this holiday season and all year long.

For our staff photo we thought it would be fun to pose with some of our favorite products. Here's why we chose 'em:

Kristen: Everyone in our family uses LunchBots. The are a fantastic alternative to plastic for food storage, and I love the simple design and colors!

Chris: I carry Lifefactory's Glass Water Bottle everywhere and it gives me peace-of-mind to know it is BPA free and made of safe materials. Great design and drinking out of glass are the perfect combination.

Annie: These Natural Colored Pencils are the bomb! (ok, the best) They are comfortable in my hand and the colors are beautiful and smooth on paper. I also love that these are stored in a clean wood box on my art studio table.

Dominique: Before getting the Ladybug Lunchbug I had been using brown paper bags to carry my lunch, now I feel less wasteful and far more stylish!

Tracy: This Dancing Alligator always cracks me up. It is a great toy because not only is it cute, non-toxic and safe but it's also fun... with a side of goofy. And the clickety-clack noise is entertaining to all ages!

Andi: I love my commuter kit! The coffee mug is non-spill and keeps my coffee hot for hours. My snack taxi allows me to keep healthy snacks packed for throughout the day.

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