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Healthy Home Tour

08.29.09 Healthy Home Tour

Healthy Home tour

Last night we went to a preview party for “Chicago’s first Healthy Home.” A portion of the proceeds will benefit Healthy Child Healthy World - A wonderful nonprofit organization that inspires parents to protect young children from harmful chemicals. The founders from this organization were present last night and gave a very emotional speech that had my husband and I pretty choked up. Their passion for founding this organization comes from losing their daughter to cancer when she was just 5 years old. Their extensive research left them convinced that her rare form of cancer was linked to her exposure to a specific chemical pesticide (which has since been banned in the U.S.) that she was exposed to in utero during an apartment fumigation.

The home is located in Long Grove, Illinois and is presented by Dior Builders in partnership with the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. It is an eco-friendly home that showcases the best in sustainable design, new technologies, green building materials and healthful interior design elements. Various other businesses, including Chapter One Organics and Healthy Green Goods, provided healthy products that were included in the home.

Upon walking into the home, the first thing I noticed was a feeling of something missing. What was it? Then I realized it was the smell – or lack of a smell. There was no “new house” smell. (Meaning no off-gassing of toxic chemicals) Very refreshing!

There were various signs posted throughout the home pointing out specific non-toxic elements of the home. One sign that stuck with me read, “Number of chemicals banned in Europe: 1,011. Number of chemicals banned in United States: 9.” Scary.

It was a very inspiring evening, and further strengthened our commitment to helping families create a healthy and safe home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the healthy home visit http://healthyhousetour.com/ and to learn more about Healthy Child Healthy World please visit www.healthychildhealthyworld.com

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