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Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

07.16.10 Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

Wow, the response to my request for thoughts on items to bring with me to the hospital when I go into labor was awesome!  As I mentioned in my post, I am a checklist person and I can definitely say that I am now fully equipped to make that list and start packing!  I took what everyone shared with me and compiled the list below, hoping that it might help someone else, too.

Items for Mama:

  • clothes to wear while at the hospital
    • a hoodie
    • 2-piece pajamas
    • flips flops/adjustable pair of shoes or sandals
    • granny undies
    • non-slip socks or slippers
    • sleep mask
  • clothes to wear home (loose!)
  • toiletrieslip balmlots of hair ties, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hair brush, comfortable maxi pads (assuming your hospital doesn’t provide any of these, which mine doesn’t)
  • your own pillow for sleeping
  • any vitamins/supplements that you take

Items for Baby:


  • headphones and/or ear plugs to drown out hospital noise while sleeping
  • a camera (extra batteries and memory cards, too)
  • ipod or some other form of musical entertainment
  • magazines/books/reading material
  • laptop to keep people updated (or to watch DVDs)
  • cell phone and charger

If you’re planning on nursing:

Other Items:
  • notebook & pen
  • handheld massager and massage oils
  • candy/treats for your nurses
  • bathing suit/trunks for your doula, if you'll have one
  • snacks for post-delivery (for mom and dad)
  • cash/change (for parking, last minute things from the hospital shop)
  • list of people and phone numbers to share the wonderful news
  • extra bag to carry additional stuff home
  • squirt gun or marshmallow gun to shoot your husband and relatives (I thought that was a really fun suggestion!)

And finally, I thought one of the best pieces of advice was to bring a positive attitude!

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