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Live Mighty in 2010!

01.05.10 Live Mighty in 2010!

Happy 2010! As we begin the new year we are all full of hope and excitement. Many people are making new year's resolutions to be healthier and greener. That's where we come in... This week we're going to share some great tips to help you create a healthier home for you and your family. And we'll be giving you a coupon for 10% off all feeding & skincare categories to help you out should you need any non-toxic alternatives. ( use code LIVEMIGHTY at checkout now through 1/16/10 ) This includes: Baby Bottles; Bibs & Placemats; Dishes, Cups & Utensils; Food Storage; Reusable Lunch Bags; Reusable Sandwich Bags; Sippy Cups; Travel Coffee Tumblers; Water bottles; All skincare products.

Be sure to read Foods to Avoid in the New Year 

Stay tuned this week for some really great giveaways!

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