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Oh Nesting Instinct Where Art Thou?

07.20.10 Oh Nesting Instinct Where Art Thou?

nesting instinct

36 weeks down, just under 4 to go. 

I keep reading about this so called “nesting instinct” that kicks in for mamas as their baby’s due date approaches.  Sooooooooo, I’m waiting…

According to my friend Wikipedia

"in human females, the nesting instinct often occurs around the 5th month of pregnancy but can occur as late as the 8th month, or not at all.  It may be strongest just before the onset of labor.  It is commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one's home, and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings. This behavior is colloquially known as 'straightening out', 'clearing the road', or 'clearing the coast', or 'building a door'."

Well, I’m not sure about the whole “building a door” thing but I do know that I could really, really, really use that nesting instinct right about now.  Pretty much the only aspects of the nursery that are ready are the hand-me down pieces of furniture I received from my parents.  And by “ready” I mean that they have been re-assembled and are now overflowing with a very unorganized collection of baby products ranging from diapers to wipes to bottles to clothes.  The good news is that I think we have everything we’ll need to get us started…finding it the room might be an issue, though.     

And while I theoretically have 4 weeks left for the nesting instinct to kick in I think its time to call for reinforcements.  Mom, are you reading this?  

In the meantime, time to let the dog know that this is no longer her room…

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