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Oh No I Didn't....

01.28.11 Oh No I Didn't....


I had my first "worst parent ever" moment this week. While it was incredibly stressful at the time, it had a happy ending and I can laugh about it now. Here's what happened...

Five minutes after my daughter's nanny left on Tuesday, she called to ask if I had jumper cables because her car had died. "Why, yes, I do have jumper cables," I replied and offered to help. I told her I'd pull my car around in a few minutes. My husband has class two nights a week and as luck would have it, this was one of those nights. So, I suited my daughter up in her winter best and snapped her in her car seat. I threw a leash on my dog so she, too, could be part of the adventure (translation: not be left to pee in the house since I hadn't had time to walk her yet) and we all headed to the car.

While I do know how to jump a car it had been a long time so I figured I'd call an expert (my mom) for a refresher. After confirming that my knowledge was accurate, the nanny and I set out to complete the task at hand...and failed. Not one to give up easily I called for back-up - my sister-in-law's fiance's roommate (did you follow that?) just so happens to know a lot about cars, and conveniently lives only two blocks away. They agreed to help and started making their way over.

So, our back-up (the roommate, my sister-in-law and her dog) arrived a few minutes later. I got out of the car to greet them, stuck my head under the hood of the car to get all setup and then I heard it...that sound that I won't soon forget...the unmistakable click of the car doors locking. My heart raced as the panic of my new reality sank in - yep, my dog had in fact just stepped on the door lock and locked me OUT of the car and my daughter IN the car.

Ok, deep breath. I can handle this - my husband keeps his car keys in the house since he takes the train to work. So, I ruuuuuunnnnn to the house only to discover that he had, of course, taken his keys with him. 3 phone calls and 2 texts later he stepped out of class to answer the phone and I very quickly explained the situation. He immediately hopped in a cab to head home. In the meantime...

The nanny, my sister-in-law and I were doing everything (literally everything) we could to get my dog to re-step on the door lock, in hopes that this time she'd unlock the doors. I can only imagine what the scene must have looked like to an outsider - three women and a dog (we basically used my sister-in-law's dog as bait) jumping around, playing peek-a-boo, whistling, talking puppy-talk, clapping, making kissing noises, promising lots of delicious treats, blowing a whistle and doing much, much more to a car window. Shockingly, it didn't work.

Approximately 13 minutes and 24 seconds later (who's counting, though) the calvary arrived in the form of my husband. He flew out of his cab, pressed the unlock button on the remote keypad as I grabbed for the door handle, opened the door and flung myself inside the car...to greet a baby who was fast asleep and completely oblivious to the entire situation around her. After a HUGE sigh of a relief I counted my blessings that my daughter hadn't noticed a thing and that the situation turned out as it did.

And then I gave my dog a treat because even though she stepped on the door lock to begin with, she turned out to be an excellent babysitter - one which I don't plan on using again, though!

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