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Shopping for Baby - First Up, a Crib

06.16.10 Shopping for Baby - First Up, a Crib

Romina Crib

Buying a crib seems simple enough, right?  I mean sure there are different colors, designs and of course prices but that’s it right?  Wrong.  I learned very quickly that buying a crib is much more complicated than that.  I mean, did you know that toddlers will actually gnaw/bite/chew on their crib?  Because that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until a few weeks ago when a friend of mine casually told me to consider that in my decision-making process.

So, even though I didn’t fully believe her I figured I should take that into account.  Ok, so that means that I need a non-toxic crib that is sturdy, stylish, safe to sleep in and safe to chew on.  Still pretty simple, right?  Wrong again.  The whole “safe to chew on” criteria added a whole new level of research and areas that were concerning to me.  I now had to find a crib made from materials that I felt comfortable having my child potentially ingest (ewwww - I know, I better get used to it) little parts of. 

Here are some things that I learned:

  • The crib should be made of solid wood – not particle board, a laminate, veneer, PVC or some other form of plastic.
  • The glue used to hold the crib together should be non-toxic.
  • The crib should either be unfinished, finished with clear, colorless finishes that you know are non-toxic – or, if painted, with paint that doesn’t contain toxic solvents, dyes and so on.

Why?  Well it turns out that materials used to construct cribs often emit formaldehyde which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked as a probable human carcinogen.  Translation – not something that I want my baby anywhere near if I can avoid it!

So, after at lot of research we finally bought a Romina crib (in a different finish than showed in the picture) –

  • 100% solid wood, never chemically treated. No particle board or MDF is used; everything is free of Formaldehyde and any other cancer causing toxic emanations.
  • Water based stains and paints, CPSC certified non-toxic. All finishes are free of VOCs, Lead, Phthalates or any other toxic emanation. Bees Wax organic finish is available for any of our collections.
  • Tree sap based organic glues are used for anything that requires adhesives.

All of those factors, combined with a well-timed crib sale, left me very satisfied with my decision.  And just in case I needed further assurance, I went to visit my goddaughter this weekend and saw her teeth marks in her crib with my own eyes.  I guess I shouldn’t have doubted my friend after all…

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