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Starting Family Traditions

11.18.10 Starting Family Traditions

Today it is 48 degrees. Every year I soak up the summer, savor the fall, and then dread the winter. And every year I think, "What can I do to enjoy the winter more with my family?"

Since we live in an urban area - long toboggan rides and cross country skiing are out (without traveling). I want some things that are smaller in scope and close to home, but that feel special. I've been thinking a lot about family traditions lately so I decided this would be my motivator to start some.  Growing up, we didn't have too many family traditions. Mainly just your basics, centered around holidays: nice family dinner on thanksgiving; family breakfast and staying in our pajamas all day on Christmas (except for my dad who had to shower AND shave before we could even go downstairs to open presents - which of course drove us crazy with anticipation). But I digress.

A couple ideas I have are:

  • Saturday morning muffins: Each week finding a new recipe for some hearty, healthy muffins and baking together.
  • Sunday soup dinners:  With friends and neighbors. I plan to utilize my slow cooker for this. Make some warm, hearty soups and stews to share with dinner guests.  Maybe some home made bread involved (if i learn how to make it) and some post dinner musical entertainment from the little ones.


I realize both of my ideas center around food, but I do love to cook and so do my kids, and my husband greatly appreciates our efforts, so this feels authentic to our family. However I would like to find an outdoor tradition to incorporate. Something that feels special, that pulls us together as a family -something that my kids will look back on and think "That was so great, I want to do that with my family." I did a quick book search and found a book called The Book of New Family Traditions, which I'm going to check for at the library this week. Another book I LOVE that I'm going to go back and read through for inspiration is The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.

Readers: Do you have any family traditions? What are they? Any ideas for things you'd like to start with your family?

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