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Telling work I'm pregnant

03.03.10 Telling work I'm pregnant

Chris Conn

The secret’s out - on Wednesday night, December 30th, my husband and I shared the great news about our pregnancy with Kristen and Chris. 

Naturally, they were very excited for us.  What was funny was hearing them say how they were somewhat relieved to find out I was pregnant because lately I hadn’t been my usual “bubbly self.”  They were glad that the reason was a happy one and not something else.  And here I was thinking I was a master of secrecy and deception. 

So, what gave it away?  Looking back I think it must have been the fact that my face would go white every hour or so as I fought off the nausea at work.  Or maybe it was my new love of saltine crackers and the need to constantly snack on them all day.  Or could it possibly have been my sudden need to eat only “kid” food for lunch?   Think mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, applesauce and so on.   

Hmmmm, maybe not such a master of secrecy and deception after all. 

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