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Tree Hopper Blocks

12.09.10 Tree Hopper Blocks

We came across these fabulous blocks at a local street fair here in Evanston last summer. We met the owner of Tree Hopper Toys, Eric, and talked with him about how he makes his toys and the safe materials he uses.  Tree Hopper Blocks, along with their other wooden toys are made in USA with sustainably harvested Midwestern hardwood, every piece is all natural and sanded smooth, making them a friend of Earth and 100% safe for kids. 

Eric and his wife Molly started Tree Hopper Toys early in 2010 after a road trip along America’s Pacific coastline. They came home to Chicago inspired by the endless natural beauty and the culture of independence they experienced during those travels. Also, while on the trip they discovered that they had a baby on the way! 

When they first started telling people about their plan, so many people insisted that they couldn’t make a profit if they manufactured toys right here in Chicago, and that they just couldn’t compete with the big guys that make everything across the ocean. Eric and Molly say, "Maybe they’re right, but we just have to give it a try."

Our kids love playing with these blocks.  We have them sitting on a wood tray on our coffee table and they also get plenty of attention from older guests who just can't resist doing some building too.  And, If the child in your life likes to create things with their hands, they will love Tree Hopper Blocks!

Now for the best part... We are giving away a 38- piece set!

With Hopper Blocks kids will have a blast putting their creativity to work. They can build cities, robots, forests, castles, abstract sculptures and anything else they can imagine!

Blocks come packaged in reusable cloth sack for storage. The set contains 38 pieces in total. There are five block sizes, which start at 1.5"x1.5"x1.5" and go up to 1.5"x3"x6". There are 1.5", 3", and 6" dowels.

*Due to small parts, this product is not meant for children under 3 years old.

  THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED.  Congratulations to our winner: Michelle!

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