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Glass Water Bottles by Lifefactory, We Love Them!

09.29.10 Glass Water Bottles by Lifefactory, We Love Them!

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles

When everyone on the MightyNest team immediately buys a new product as soon as it comes in it is a great sign.  That is exactly what happened when we added the Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles.  Fast forward 4 months and now customers, friends and family all have them and it has become one of the our most popular products.   There is something about drinking from a glass water bottle that just tastes right and the nicely designed silicone sleeve makes it easy to grip.  The silicone sleeve combined with soda lime glass (the same glass used to make wine bottles) also helps improve the shatter resistance.  I have now dropped mine at least 10 times on cement and hardwood floors and it is still in one piece!  I wouldn't recommend throwing it around trying to break it as it is glass and can still break but it has passed my test and I am typically hard on things.  This is not the right water bottle to take on a long bike ride or run but other than that mine never leaves my side.  It is on my desk at work and my night stand at night. 

But don't take my word for it, here are a few of my favorite customer reviews:

I absolutely love these bottles!  Since they are available in a wide variety of colors, I was able get each family member their own color. Great for tracking down wayward bottles and minimizing the sharing of germs. Even if they do share drinks, a trip to the dishwasher takes care if it. I highly recommend these bottles  Kimmie on Sep. 22 @ 09:28am

I love my bottle, water tastes fresh and clean every time I use it.  I like the large mouth to put ice, great colors and style. Lynda on Sep. 14 @ 08:12pm

This is by far my favorite purchase. I want to order another one. I've shown it to other teachers and they are interested in getting one too. My daughter dropped it and it didn't break, which was a great relief! barb on Aug. 15 @ 07:50pm

For those of you that already have one, what do you think?  If not, now is the time!  These glass water bottles are currently on sale for 15% off!  The promotion ends sunday 10/3 or when supplies run out! Enjoy and as always please share any feedback!  We love hearing from you.

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About MightyNest: For those of you just learning about MightyNest, our focus is on providing safe and non-toxic products for the whole family. Lifefactory’s 22oz (650ml) glass beverage bottles are BPAphthalatelead, and PVC free. The silicone sleeve is free of plastics and 100% non-toxic. All materials are FDA approved. With glass there is no chemical leaching and no potential for metallic taste.  

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